Hedwig does Bike & Build

Blow by blow bike building.  Soon to be bikes and building!  I was very tempted to do the classic film myself putting this together thing, but alas, I love my process photos.

So it was easy to assemble, yet not!!  A few things managed to stump me, but not for long~ thank you internet!  The hardest part?  Figuring out how to shift gears on this thing, ahhhh!!! So sneaky!  First thing I did was figure out shifting … up?  down?  Whichever way makes its harder to pedal.  Before I knew it, I was circling around with crossovergearsnuuuuuuuuuuu!!!  Haha~ I’ll learn!  And it will be a beautiful thing. 

Yesterday, I unleashed my flyers and I on the vast suburban landscape that is Arnold, Missouri.  Wouldn’t you want me approaching your door?

HIP HIP HOORAYYYYYY!!  Bike & Build bike will be arriving today!!  Time to assemble that and practice riding such a fancy bike, ahh~!  But really, I am sooooo behind on my training.  As my dad would say/roar in a deep man voice, IT’S TIIIIIIME!

Guesss whattttt’s almost done!!  HEDWIGDOESBIKEANDBUILD.COM!!  YEAHRRR!

I’m pretty pumped.  If my buddy Alex and I can manage to get it up on the web, agh!! Websites are so hard!!! 

So yeah! basically, I’m setting up a site where donors can see what I’m plotting to send their way as incentives! Yay!!  Fun fact about this website?  All hand drawn, nearly every letter of every word~  Pretty proud of that, haha. 

Hooooobuddy, first time hitting the streets to fundraise!!  St. Pat’s parade in downtown St. Louis~!  I wandered around with an armful of beads, a poster board, and some flyers with my beautiful portrait, spreading the word!! I survived.  I’d like to think this means I am a socialized basement dwelling artist.  Yes!!  Victory!! 

I hope I get to hear from some of the people who donated/took flyers!  It was a nice experience~  Tomorrow, part 2!  St. Louis Dogtown St. Pats!! 

My beloved Walter and the family kitten Grace Hopper!  They’re posing beautifully with one of the fancy St. Pat’s day necklaces I got for this upcoming weekend!  Per the awesome advice of fellow B&Brs +alumni, I am going out on St. Pats and fundraising!  Hopefully the parade/Irish bar goers will feel the charitable spirit wash over them, and they will buy cool St. Pat’s stuff from my sisters and I!  The kittens are pleased at this prospect.  You can see it in Grace Hopper’s eyes.  

Tonight also marks my first meeting with Habitat for Humanity!  Orientation tiiime!  Hopefully soon I’ll get to be on a build site!  Hooraayyy!!
Hey ya’ll!  Wait, I’m supposed to update this thing?  Oh yes.  That’s right!!  Apparently my browser was out of date, and tumblr did not like me.  So as you see, I got a bike trainer!!  Yay!!  It’s old, it’s loud, it was $10 on craigslist- it’s awesome.   
As so many others do, I found the listing on craigslist, saw that price!  And hopped on that.  I was texting the person who had listed this, arranging the meetup,  and thought to myself- “Man!  This person is so polite!  How rare!” I rescheduled a couple times due to financial stuff and whatsuch, get horribly lost on the way there the day of, was horribly late, and the person was still super awesome and nice!  Turned out to be a senior in high school who knew lots and lots of stuff about bikes!  He showed me how to use this trainer, which was awesome of him because… I may have not figured that out.  Sad, I know.  I now know how to casually pop a wheel off a bike, yay!  
So we got to chatting, figured out he’s a cross country runner as well, and BOY was it awesome to brag to each other how awesome we are/were.  Sometimes that’s just really nice, to acknowledge to someone how proud you are of your accomplishments, past and present.  
And that’s my story.  I know, how action packed.  Thank you for being not a crazy person on the internet, Dustin!  Let the indoor training commence!
HEY EVERYBODY!  Welcome!  The loving arms of the internet have somehow directed you here to my little corner, how awesome!! This here tumblr is where I’ll be posting all that is Bike & Build.  From training and fund-raising updates, to local volunteer work that I’m up to, to the art that is to come, and to all else, here is where it shall live!  I hope you enjoy watching and participating in this adventure as it unfolds~ LET’S DO THIS!!
First item on the agenda?  E-mailing and messaging and mailing and mailing and mailing letters!!  Ahh, so excite!!  I must say, I think this part is making me sweat more than the biking itself.  Hoobuddy.  Now, as always, I would like to point out that I welcome all questions!  You ask, I answer!  Feel more than free to click away at that ask button!